User agreement and consent to processing of personal data

The following terms and conditions govern participation in the In The NBC panel (hereafter ”Panel”) for online surveys organized for The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), (hereafter ”CUSTOMER”), Cullinan St. Northern Industrial, Windhoek , Namibia.

Registration as a Panel member implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.

In order to ensure that the Panel is representative and to enable statistical analysis, we ask prospective members a number of questions about demography, purchasing habits, etc. Members approve that the CUSTOMER is permitted to store their basic details and any subsequent information supplied by members in a database that is treated confidentially and in compliance with the Personal Data Act (1998:204).

The CUSTOMER is responsible for the processing of personal data in compliance with this agreement. The CUSTOMER may be obliged to submit information to the personal data assistants who process the data on behalf of the principal. The information will be stored and used in surveys and analyses of current issues and to enable us to issue invitations to participate in other surveys.

Members can withdraw their consent to have their data processed at any time by contacting the CUSTOMER via

Membership of the Community is open to anyone resident in the Namibia over the age of 15.

Members also reserve the right to once a year request in writing from the CUSTOMER with postal address Maria Skolgata 83, 118 53 Stockholm, information about the personal details of a member processed by the CUSTOMER. If members wish to modify the details entered, in the first instance, they can do by changing the details themselves at Members can also request that incorrect details be corrected, blocked or deleted by contacting the principal via

Members must reside in the country to which the Panel primarily applies. A member can only have one Panel membership; if the CUSTOMER finds that a member has registered several times, the CUSTOMER reserves the right to deregister the additional accounts. Several members of a family are entitled to participate in the Panel but a survey can only be answered by one member from the same computer unless specific survey rules apply. The CUSTOMER also reserves the right to deregister a member if the member has not participated in a survey for a period of 12 months, if the member does not meet the criteria for participation in the Panel (i.e. selection criteria) or if in the opinion of the CUSTOMER a member does not comply with the CUSTOMER’s rules and guidelines in force at the time of participation in the Panel.

Members are informed prior to each survey about participation incentives as well as how long the survey is expected to take. Members have sole responsibility for paying any tax on profits. Members undertake to truthfully and carefully answer questions in the surveys in which they participate, as well as always provide correct details about their gender or age or other background variables requested. If the CUSTOMER judges submitted answers are or may be deemed to be in conflict with the rules, the CUSTOMER has the right to cancel any incentives earned for the survey in question. If a member is deregistered, they forfeit the right to any incentives earned. Three such consecutive incidents entail deletion of the member’s account.

Members are entitled to payment for any incentives earned when the total incentive amounts to or exceeds the minimum amount, which is stated from time to time in the member’s personal panel account. Incentive payments are made to the member using the payment options listed on the Panel’s website. The principal reserves the right to revise the incentive levels, limits for payments and payment options. In the case of some payment options, a transaction charge may be deducted.

Members and the CUSTOMER can cancel a member’s membership in the Panel at any time. If members request to cancel their participation themselves, they are entitled to payment of any accumulated incentives.

Panel membership does not entitle members to participation in a certain minimum number of surveys. In accordance with these terms and conditions, the CUSTOMER’s responsibility is limited to damages that impact members directly and should not under any circumstances exceed the average payment paid annually to the member in question during the previous three years.

Members offer the CUSTOMER a once-off unrestricted and free-of-charge to use all material, such as text and images, which members register in surveys including the right to produce examples/copies, make the material available to the public and modify and transfer the material.